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by Laure Chouchan




Zyg is a sculptural artist who works and lives in Paris. 


Zyg likes to tell stories and contextualize messages.

After working in the audiovisual field and using images to communicate, Zyg chose clay as her medium. 


In a classical figurative style but with a contemporary approach, Zyg strives to capture the world's turmoil through the prism of his emotions.

In order to resonate with the public, she proposes several keys to entry suggesting to feel, remember or question.

Why an exhibition on 2020? 

Because 2020 was a chaotic, disruptive year, conducive to change, to collective and personal resilience.


Why a retrospective for a first exhibition? 

Because the year 2020 and its current events have been the breeding ground for my creations. 

I am not presenting an exhaustive illustration of the events of 2020 but a selection of facts and moments that have marked me and that I hope will resonate with the visitor. 


Why a chronological presentation? 

Because these sculptures tell the story of a year, of our common history. 

I invite the visitor to feel, to remember, to question but also to smile. 


Why earth as a medium? 

When I work on the image, I compose with its intrinsic history.

With the earth, which is virgin, it is my unique expression, conscious and unconscious, that appears. 

And when it corresponds to what I have in mind, it is magical. 


What is your creative process? 

I am touched by an image, an event, an idea, a word that I absorb and digest in my own way without realising it. Then comes the desire to materialise it, to give it life and then to transmit and share it.


For the project 2020 on and in the Earth, I didn't start with a concept or the idea

of making a retrospective of the year, it just came to me. I realised this during the year, looking at my work after the tragic death of Samuel Paty and the way I had evoked it.


Why ZYG? 

Because Z for Zorro was taken. 

Because the zygomatic and its function is a muscle I like. 

Because it amuses me to play Who is Zyg? 

So that Zyg can be serious without taking himself seriously.

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